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PILATES - The Perfect Workout for Reshaping & Restoring Your Body From the Inside Out!

Designed for breast cancer patients undergoing treatment, Pilates by Design by Diane G. creates compassionate Pilates program for your mind & body... by someone who has been there and done that.

As a breast cancer survivor, your state of mind can be your worst enemy, but it can also be your greatest ally.  Scientific studies reveal that how you think, feel, react and behave in response to having cancer affects your recovery. 





Diane G. is a breast cancer survivor and living testament to the profound results of Pilates.  It's not an exaggeration when she says, "Cancer changed my life, and my new life changed my Cancer".  Her diagnosis drew “the line in the sand” and created the opportunity for an extraordinary career and lifestyle change.  "After the initial disbelief, fear and anxiety, my inner voice said, 'Thus far and no further' to my old ways… the consistent feeling  of anger and resentment about my stressful and unfulfilling job and lack of time I gave myself for health, fun, relaxation and pleasure." 


Three months after her diagnosis, and  after re-examining what was important to her, she embarked upon her 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments... And concurrently began a full-time, 450 hour intensive training and study program to become a Certified Pilates Instructor. 


"My intensive Pilates practice is what gave me the mental focus on something very positive…and didn't allow me to sit around and feel sorry for myself, which I think is my worst enemy!  It also greatly improved my strength, endurance, and stamina which was tremendously helpful in getting me through my radiation treatments.  Pilates was a tremendous counterbalance to the physical, emotional and spiritual side effects from radiation treatments.  It was the ultimate silver lining I found on the journey to recovery.”


Pilates is an internationally recognized mind-body practicer that can yield many benefits for the body, mind and spirit including:

  • Boosting immune system

  • Reduce stress

  • improving strength, balance and circulation

  • help control symptoms

  • help reduce side effects of treatment

  • Building stamina

  • Increasing muscle tone & flexibility

  • Restoring control of symptoms and side effects

  • Revitalizing Your Life!


But don't just take our word for it.  There are more than fifty peer-reviewed medical publications reporting from studies showing the beneficial effects from Pilates in health-related conditions such as back pain, orthopedic rehabilitation, fibromyalgia, and Quality of LIfe (QOL)in the elderly.  According to one such study, The Evolution of Mindfulness-Based Physical Interventions in Breast Cancer Survivors by Daniela L. Stan,1 Nerissa M. Collins,1 Molly M. Olsen,1 Ivana Croghan,2 and Sandhya Pruthi1,  Positive claims associated with Pilates include increased flexibility, range of motion (ROM), muscle endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, mood level, motivation, energy level, and coordination. The publication of this study states that "The evidence from these studies showed improvements in aerobic capacity, QOL (quality of life) mood, body image after mastectomy, and improved shoulder ROM, as well as potential concerns of lymphedema."