intro classes

60+ Still strong & sensational

60+ Still strong & sensational

intro classes

So glad you're here!

I’m Diane G.  I’ve been practicing Pilates for the past 15 years and teaching Pilates since 2012.  Since completing my 500+hour Pilates Certification training in all modules of Pilates (equipment and mat) , I’ve taught Pilates to hundreds of private clients in boutique studios, as well as at Equinox and Club Pilates, where I was also the General Manager.

When life took a turn and we all found ourselves sheltering at home, I decided to create something of true value for people who want and need to keep in shape, get in shape, and stay healthy from the comfort of their own home.


So I am now offering LIVE, Internet Pilates Mat classes that you can take wherever you are and on any device. This 3 class intro to Mat Pilates was designed for beginners - to give them a taste of the basics so that they can fall in love with it like millions of people have...AND GROW ON FROM THERE!

Each Intro class is only 15 minutes long and NO EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED!

Hope to see you on the screen soon!





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